Setting the foundations for a social platform that supports incredible people helping to solve problems all over the world. Tud Dret helps to empower these people, and shares their stories with the world. The journey begins in Cape Verde for Episode 1, where we meet Alcindo.


One of the founding partners of the platform approached me in late 2016 and presented the concept to me, with the task of creating a brand identity for the new platform. Tud Dret – Cape Verdean for ‘It’s all good’ – was born, launching with the first episode at the start of 2017. 

With this vision in mind, I created the identity and positioning for the brand. It is modern and flexible, using dark blue and cream as base colours, before a bold accent colour is introduced with every new episode, inspired by the surroundings in each local community, meaning each story is identifiable.

Applying the system

The use of block colours create impactful, positive and recognisable layouts, whilst remaining simple enough to let each story speak for itself. As each episode is released, the story will be promoted both in the local community, and across a number of mediums globally in print, social and PR.

Along with numerous pieces of collateral, I also created a website for the platform, on which each episode will have its own page, using the accent colour allocated to it, which will showcase the film, credits, as well as more information about both the platform and the featured individual.


After the launch of the platform with Episode 1, Alcindo’s story has since been shared by the likes of CNN’s Great Big Story, Huffpost and Upworthy. It currently has more than a million views globally, and collaborations with lifestyle brands are now being launched, in order to build on his efforts.

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