One of the most challenging projects a designer can work on is their personal identity. You become your own strongest critic. For my identity, I wanted to represent my design style, and for it to be simple enough to work with everyday across various applications.


A couple of years ago, I finally settled on the ‘bg’ monogram mark that I use to this day. It had to be incredibly simple in it’s form; something anyone would be able to draw in a matter of seconds. I always loved the way a single shape could be the only element used to create a legible monogram.

I looked to create a minimal identity around the principle of this mark, with my inspiration coming from Scandinavian design. The shape used in the monogram anchors itself to the corners of the applications, and faces towards important pieces of content, like addresses and contact details. 


Applying the system

The use of contrasting black and white background colour helps add to the impact of the logo, whilst the introduction of Hans Grotesque as the chosen typeface ensures that clarity and simplicity remain at the forefront of each piece of communication, as well as maintaining some visual interest.

Negative space is also a noticeable visual feature throughout each piece of collateral, often in unexpected places like the centre of my business card. A grey midtone is also introduced on more complex applications, like the invoice, to ensure the hierarchy of information can be maintained.


This website follows the same design principles, but has been designed to ensure that the identity doesn’t overpower any of the case studies that are being presented. These core elements work seamlessly with the brand colours for each client, and lets the work speak for itself.