Gauntlet is a brand owned by the UK insurance provider James Hallam. The brand’s primary focus is within the Hospitality sector. The team wanted to reach out to business owners and demonstrate how personal the service they offer is, compared to their competitors.


Gauntlet had existed for many years before I was approached by the team at James Hallam, but it had often been set aside in favour of the umbrella group. Because of this, it lacked recognition within the industry, with business owners failing to understand the expertise the team had to offer.

Focusing on these strengths, I was able to work with the team at Gauntlet and uniquely position the brand as a hospitality insurance specialist, targeting hotel owners, both large and small, explaining the benefits of insuring with a specialist niche insurer, rather than one of the commercial giants. 


Applying the system

A new positive tone of voice and bright colours mean that whilst the brand still conveys trust, which is vital for an insurance organisation, they provide a stark contrast to the typically cold and commercial world of insurance, and can represent the friendly service they offer in application.

The deep purple colour can be used to contrast the rest of the colour palette, with each division of Gauntlet being assigned an accent colour. The use of cream as a primary background colour helps to soften the brand, and serves as a neutral base for the rest of the identity to flourish.


I also created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to be used inhouse. Gauntlet has now become a brand that James Hallam are proud to showcase, and is an important asset in their drive to appeal to business owners both large and small across the UK. The brand launched at an industry exhibition that was sponsored by the company and was very well received.