Elevating a company that offers 1-to-1 sessions and workshops to companies and individuals in the IT industry. Their courses help enhance the effectiveness of their clients, enabling them to add value to their businesses, and progress their own careers within the industry.


CoachingforIT’s logo hadn’t been updated since it first launched – it had become dated and it didn’t form part of a larger identity. As the company grew, they wanted to build on their reputation as one of the leading providers of coaching in the IT industry by introducing a new brand identity.

As part of the brief, the client was keen to retain a clear connection to the original logo, because they already had a loyal following of individuals. As well as refining the icon, I redesigned the logotype and introduced a new colour palette. The dots in the icon are extrapolated out and used on the layouts.


Further applications

Along with the completely new design direction, I also introduced a new tone-of-voice for the brand, allowing each coach to interact with their clients like a human rather than a machine. It makes clear to every individual that CoachingforIT is here to support them on their development journey.

The flexibility of the design system means that every layout can feel unique and look interesting, with the large coloured circles offset against the stark white backgrounds. Every piece of the brand’s collateral now looks clean, modern and professional, whilst retaining some personality.


Working with the Executive Coach, I am currently rolling out the brand across various mediums, including the creation of a new website, which will house a resource center with downloadable content, to help the coaching process continue, even when sessions are not taking place.