This is an archive of my previous work created in the past few years. These projects will generally be older projects, or may not have been large enough to present a full case study with. This page will be updated as and when projects have been completed.

Upbeat Website

The popular protein drink brand underwent a major overhaul in 2016, and I was briefed to redesign their website, using the existing CMS platform before a new site launches in 2017. Taking into account the technical limitations faced, the design was a large step in the right direction for Upbeat.

Bringing their website in-line with the new logo and packaging allowed for more consistency for consumers between the product and their online presence. I used close up segments of the graphic wave found on the packaging to create colourful backgrounds for each section of the site.


Worth Milers

The local all-women's running club is based in Maidenbower, West Sussex, with the majority of its routes based on the Worth Way, in beautiful countryside scenery between Crawley and East Grinstead. The owner asked me to create a visual identity and website for the launch of the club.

The simple logo is made up of a monogram of the club’s initials, and appears at a large size on all collateral. Setting this against a striking magenta background, means that the club can stand out during training and when taking part in competitive events in the local area and beyond.


Bonjela Typography

Bonjela is a brand, owned by consumer goods company Reckitt Benckiser, with products that relieve the pain of mouth ulcers and denture sores. In early 2016, I worked on a new campaign idea for the brand, focusing on the key message that there is ‘nothing stronger for mouth ulcers’.

I created a typographic lockup for this message to be used on a variety of mediums for the duration of the campaign. Using the Bonjela brand colours, the type is bold and impactful, which is particularly important when the product is being promoted in-store, to stand out in a busy retail environment.


Christmas Card 2014

In the build up to the festive period in 2014, I started working on a christmas card design to print for family and friends. This eventually turned into an exercise to develop my illustration ability. Based on a scamp I created of a scene set in the North Pole, I started to work on a suite of elf characters.

I illustrated numerous different angles of a simple elf, so that every direction they could face was covered, and then created different uniforms that could be overlayed on top of each elf. The result is a busy festive scene, in which everywhere you look there are different things going on.